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An enthusiasm for art developed within me at a very young age. Aside from obsessively sketching portraits back to my elementary days and liking to think that I was a top aide in the design process of my parent's home, the desire to master makeup techniques is where I found my knack in the realm of art forms. I have always felt exhilarated by the creative outlet that makeup artistry has given me. 6 years ago I jumped into freelancing. Helping women feel beautiful, confident and radiant is what fuels my passion for this ever rewarding field of work. I enjoy establishing a personal connection with each one of my clients and strive to leave a lasting impression in all that I do. I am so grateful for the growing opportunities that I have found and the friends that I have made within the wedding and beauty industry!


God is within her, she will not fall.
— Psalm 46:5


ALL the things...

  • Fam(ily)
  • Catching concerts with the hubs
  • Day trips with the girls
  • Pinterest surfing
  • Channeling Betty Crocker
  • Trips to the local garden nursery 
  • Iced Caramel Machiattos
  • Mizithra Spaghetti
  • Deep couch sitting
  • Brunching