So long, Hill City...

Ahh... Deep breaths. Okay I've been leaking out this news little by little. And I feel like the time is finally right to formally announce the plans that are in store for me, my family & my business that has made it's mark here in little old Lynchburg. I'll give you a little backstory:

Back in July of 2017, my husband, 3 year-old son & I made a trip to visit my family in my former home of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We had made this cross-country visit numerous times, but this time, something about our stay was different. I felt this deep longing to make Coeur d'Alene my home again & it hadn't laid this heavy on my heart during previous visits. What was shocking is that my husband was feeling it, too. Which, uh, is a big deal for a small-town, country guy like mine, who has never lived outside of a 30-mile radius of the city he was born in. So y'all, I knew that God was working here! Excitement set in. Conversation began & we started considering what life could look like out here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. And it looked pretty darn good. So maybe you've already guessed - WE ARE MOVING! To arguably the most beautiful city in the U.S...

4k aerial footage of the beautiful city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Videos taken in January 2018. Video - Emmy Runge Song - Meridian by Odesza

What does this mean?

I will be picking up my business & bringing it along for the ride! Courtney Mills Makeup Artistry is making moves, y'all. It sure is bittersweet to leave my home of 7 years & my precious family, sweet friends & faithful clients that I have met along the way. But when God knocks, you answer that door, honey. So that's exactly what we did! And we are sooo excited. And nervous. But SO optimistic about what the future holds! My newest business venture will be attaining my license as an esthetician this year. I look forward to offering more luxury services that coincide with my makeup artistry business! So stay tuned!!!

For my Central Virginia clientele: 

I will continure to take local bookings through March 4, 2018. Feel free to contact me if you have been considering my services & would like some referrals to other wonderful makeup artists in the Lynchburg area - I would be happy to share those with you! If you would still like to book me for your wedding in the Lynchburg area after March 4, 2018, please inquire about destination wedding pricing & I can create a custom travel quote for you.

Additionally, I am excited to announce that I will begin taking bookings in the Coeur d'Alene & greater Spokane areas starting April 1, 2018! Please help me spread the word as I prepare to {essentially} re-launch my business on an entirely different side of the country! Yep, doin' it.

So - thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this little blog post. And great thanks to all who have shown me love & support as a local business-owner, entrepreneur & friend in the wedding & beauty industry. Lynchburg, you will always be near & dear to me. Thank you from the bottom of my makeup-obsessed, people-loving heart.